Who We Are

A First Century Church for the 21st Century

Our church growth is being fueled by the spiritual growth of the people who attend. The reasons for that are twofold.

1. We believe in and practice having truly authentic relationships with each other.

Our church is not the kind of place where you have to show up and pretend that you are perfect just because you’re a Christian.

After all, it’s Christians who are supposed to be the very people who’ve recognized they need a savior. So, we very simply try to encourage each other in our strengths and support each other in our weaknesses, but, above all, love each other in both. Jesus said to His disciples that it was by their love for one another that the world would know them.

At West Coast we believe it was that kind of love which helped Christianity transform the 1st Century world forever. We believe it’s that kind of love that can change our world today.

2. We believe that education is paramount to spreading the gospel in a postmodern world.

In a world where many people are foolish enough to believe that there is no such thing as absolute truth, it’s more important than ever that Christians not only know what they believe, but know exactly why they believe it and be able to defend those beliefs with eloquence and grace.

We live in a world where most people have been fooled into believing that the teachings of Christ and the bible are no longer pertinent, but the truth is, they are more pertinent than ever. And so we strive to understand the teachings of scripture and to understand the world around us, so that we can better see how our faith can change a 21st Century World.

So it’s those two elements that we have tried to capture in our purpose statement which simply says:
Building a First Century Church for the 21st Century.

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