Only Human
Only Human

This series takes a practical and philosophical look at what many categorize as "being human". In the course of our lives we have all felt the burden of guilt over some wrong we have committed or some good thing we should've done but didn't. Most of us have found some relief from our burden in uttering or hearing words like "Well I'm only human". This series aims to give you a fuller understanding of God's solution for realizing victory over sin so that simply admitting that it's a human quality isn't cause to feel better about it, but a driving motivation to conquer it.

Sermons in this series
Mar 09, 2014
Only Human - Week 3
Teacher:Kevin O'Hara
Mar 02, 2014
Only Human - Week 2
Teacher:Kevin O'Hara
Feb 23, 2014
Only Human - Week 1
Teacher:Kevin O'Hara

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